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Apparently Costco Thinks Minivans Need H-Rated Tires

Me at the Costco tonight.

So wife orders up some Michelin Latitude Tours for the van to replace the original Michelins, and Costco guy tells her that he can’t put those tires on the van. Won’t really tell her why. So anyways, I have to go back with her to get this sorted out, since it could only be explained to me for some reason (one guess why, as she has a Master’s in Mech Eng). At which point they explain it needs H-rated tires, and those are only T’s. Never mind the fact that it shipped from the factory with T-rated Michelins. Wife then explains to the room she has no plans to take the van over 115MPH, let alone above 130MPH, even if either of those didn’t defy the laws of physics. It was awesome.


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