Apparently I have an irrational hatred of the Nissan Altima

So I went out in Savannah yesterday with a coworker. Last time we had gone out I got pretty trashed; I think the long island ice teas might have been a bit aggressive. He asked me if I remembered them getting me an uber to go home. I was like nope.

Apparently, my coworker and his friend had ordered me an uber because I was extremely intoxicated. Well, a car shows up and it’s a Nissan Altima. From what I was told, I looked at my friend and was like I can’t believe you got me a fucking Altima. I refused to get in the car and started hating on it. I was like it’s a fucking Altima, I’m not getting in that car, fuck that. Eventually they got me in the car and I had a look of pure betrayal on my face.


I don’t remember any of this, and have no idea where this hatred of Altimas came from. The whole being too intoxicated to order a cab/uber does sound a lot me though. Happened a lot in Russia.

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