I have an OG g-mail account that is just my first and last name @ gmail. I also have a quasi common name, so I routinely get e-mail meant for other people. Some highlights include:

  • Camry Rental - if any Seattle area oppos want to hang out you apparently missed your opportunity as “I” just dropped off my silver rental Camry to Dollar Rent-A-Car and am presumably getting ready to board my flight home.
  • Saw blades - about twice a year “I” get quotes for band saw blades. I don’t even own a band saw.
  • High school reunion & vacation - I was getting regular e-mail updates about “my” upcoming 50th high school reunion. I haven’t even been alive 50 years. Then several of “my” friends started and e-mail chain and invited me on vacation with them. (I e-mailed them back and explained I wasn’t the right person, I was invited to come on vacation anyways.)
  • Christian books - “I” apparently like to read uplifting and inspiring tales from the Christian Science Reading Room.
  • Taxes - This was the craziest one. “My” accountant accidentally e-mailed me “my” 2017 tax returns last year complete with all of my info and SSN. (Fortunately the correct e-mail address was in the cover letter of the tax return, I emailed the “real me” and let him know about the screw up and then deleted the e-mail with the returns).

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