Wellll.. the missus grew up with a convertible in the family and misses the fun. You’d think living in Seattle a convertible would be a poor choice, but she has the itch. We have a Tacoma, Cayman, and Focus already.

I’m looking for something less than 10 years old, manual, reliable, and when repairs are needed not overly complicated as I do my own maintenance and repairs. It would be nice if you could fit some stuff in it (e.g. two standard sized carry on suitcases). All in budget is $12k => in other words if it needs $2k of work then purchase price needs to be $10K or less.

I’d love a S2000 but the few around here are either horribly molested or been thoroughly thrashed. Miata? Maybe. Boxster? Perhaps. Oppos chime in!

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