I passed on that 2004 Audi S4. The Land Cruiser is still sold and heads to its new home in Maine on Saturday, so now I’m trying to find a new vehicle rather quickly.

This afternoon after work I’m heading to Attleboro to look at a 2002 Tahoe Z71, and if that’s good (it’s certainly cheap, but I’d like good as well), there’s a second part to my plan: I recently found out I fit in a NA Miata, and a local dealer has a scuzzy but solid one for $2k. This interests me.

The car is an early one, I want to say ‘92, in black with saddle tan leather and a hard top. Stick, of course. Like 190k miles, but who gives a shit? He told me he paid $1100 for it, he’s planning on changing the tires and cleaning it up and making $300...I’m thinking of offering him $1400 and telling him not to do anything to it so he gets his $300 and everybody is happy.

So it’s not quite as exciting a plan as the S4, but it makes a lot more sense for what I need to do.