Apparently, my fit is fire

I have started teaching trumpet lessons at my boys’ middle school, and today was my first day. I taught a master class, which is kind of like a group lesson, for the kids in the Honors Band. After the class, one of the trumpet players went up to my son and said, “Your dad’s fit is fire.” My son translated that for me, and it means that I was dressed well.

I was wearing dark gray Dockers and a dark red polo shirt.

I guess I have been accepted by the tribe.

What Ttyymmnn might look like, if he were about 45 pounds lighter, 25 years younger, and had dark hair and a hipster five o’clock shadow.

Maybe it was the belt. When I searched Google for “dockers with polo shirt,” about 90% of the pictures I found were with the shirt not tucked in. I guess I’m just an old.

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