I don't know why, but I just watched an animal cruelty video. :( No images inside, just words. You'll probably want to scroll past this post. I just wanted to rant.

I'm not linking to it, as it's one of the worst videos I've ever watched. It started off with these girls (happened in, guess where: Florida.) that poured some liquids on a small turtle. After she finished pouring it, I then realized what was going to happen. They took out a lighter and... yeah.

The poor thing tried hiding in its shell but the fuckers pointed the lighter inside. After the flames went out one of the fucking retards proceeded to hold the shell up, say some stupid shit I didn't bother listening to as I was too angry, and then she finally threw the shell and its contents down the road.


I'm literally so mad, but at least the video shows one of the culprits and her stupid fuckface. Dem Florida police better help me restore my faith in humanity and catch these idiots.


Have a Miata for your time. Slight rant over.