The hunt for an appartment near my new job (Leiden/Amsterdam area) is becoming really frustrating. First thing I realised were the rather high prices: no problemI can deal with that. Second thing I encountered was scarsity of appartments/studios: no problrm, I’ll just have to make sure to reply to more of them.

The thing which is really frustrating me, though, is that every broker/letting agent seems to have other conditions to check if you are worthy of renting their dump. Some examples: gross income must be more than 3(or 4) times the monthly rent, net yearly income must more than 50 times monthly rent, no income requirements but you need a permanent contract, etc. To make things worse they all use different calculations, with some accounting for gas/water/electricity bills, while others assume a certain guess for that, and yet others just leaving it out of the costs all together.

So this means that when you call/mail for an add that 9/10 times it’s either gone or you don’t meet all criteria...


Anyhow, end of rant. Have this Maserati 300S I saw at Le Mans Classic this year for your time: