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Appendix Update - F me edition

Well, surgery went sideways... they attempted to do it laparoscopically but couldn’t, so they has to go back and make a big cut. All said and done I was under for almost 5 hours. Apparently my appendix was about ready to explode.

So after surgery, I learned a fun new fact about myself - I’m immune to opiates! They pumped me up with Delauded, Morphine, and Fentanyl and it did jack and shit. This was around midnight and I haven’t slept a wink since and I’m feeling a little cranky.


Also, F an NT Tube! At least, I think thats whatits called. Its a tube they shove up your nose and navigate down to your stomach to pump out any bile or mucus that back flows. Its gross and nasty and I had virtually zero back flow and was ready to have it out at 0230 this morning. I just got it out a few minutes ago. And it was gross.

But hey, at least I improved my power to weight ratio by shedding unnecessary mass. Colin Chapmin would approve!

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