Just reading the headline off of this post makes me wonder one thing: who wants instructions in the same style of the people who always get you lost?

Story number one:

“Am I hanging left or right here?”

“Uh, left. Maybe”

-Stays left-

“Whelp, looks like we’re taking the scenic route through downtown Hamilton. I’ll lock the doors.”

Another real story:

J: “Okay, where’s the next turn?”

-Car is silent-

J: “Which one of you has the map?”

P: “Oh, yeah, I do!”

J: “Fuck, who gave Paul the map? He legitimately has ADD. CB, take the map.”

-I take the map-

CB: “Okay, so we’re taking turn lanes on the left that merge onto the 417.”

-Everyone looks up and watches as we cruise by our exit-

J: “Motherfucker.”

But seriously, always look at the map before you go anyway so you can generally figure out where you need to go. Because as useless as some GPS units can be, at least they’re not people.


What are your worst stories relating to a passenger giving directions?