Today’s topic is Dishwashers. Help me buy one.

I need a new dishwasher. Bad. My requirements are: stainless interior/exterior. Prefer top controls, not front. Less than $500.

I saw a recent Wirecutter article on dishwashers, Bosch took the top spot at $750, there was a $1000 pick, and a $550 Kenmore for the budget choice. I think I could be happy with the Kenmore, but I am always looking for a deal.

Where is the best place to buy one? Big box like Lowe’s/Home Depot? Classic retailers like Sears/Best Buy? Or maybe take my chances at the Sears Outlet or gamble on a 2yo model at Fry’s.


My wife wants a Samsung to match our fridge, but all the Samsung dishwashers got shitty reviews.

Help me...