LOL L8R BRO. It feels every bit as quick as any WRX I have driven (Although the last un modified one I have driven was a 2010). Still it is noticeably faster/quicker. The power comes on super smooth, very sneaky when you gas it from low RPM. When I first pulled out I mashed on it and thought “hmph that didn’t feel like much, how fast am I....oh shit”

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I took the same route too and from the dealer. 30 miles mixed driving, 26.3mpg on the way out 31.2mpg on the way home!, I drove about the same...normal driving, couple blasters. Could be elevation/traffic change but I have NEVER seen 30mpg plus from anything but a long highway trip.

Power delivery/turbo engagement make the car a lot more comfortable to drive normally, and a lot more fun to drive quickly. When I got close to home I went around the block and really gave it the beans twice...the AVERAGE dipped to 24mpg....Verdict if you are a normal driver it will probably make your mpgs the same or better. If you are not it will mpgs will drop dramatically, haha.


I really had to pee and have to do some work so I really haven’t had time to get the real feel. I’m now getting tire noise as I mash the gas pedal around turns and it’s not just from taking the turns wrong, it’s from the POWA!

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