April 6th Mid Atlantic/New England New Canaan CT Meet Thread

As we all know, on April 6th Caffeine & Carburetors descends upon the little town of New Canaan. I'm starting this so we can get an updated list of who is going and who to look out for.


So last time that I went, I had no idea where anyone was because I didn't even know what cars to look out for. So in the comments section if you are attending, I'd like you to post what kind of car you are bringing (include a picture for ultimate identification purposes!) so we all know who to look out for. It should help with parking to if we spot each other, we can park in that same lot by the tracks.

Here is the list from A3R0's Thread. I'll update it as I receive comments. I'll list the make and model, as well as link the picture of the car next to your name when you post it.

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