So we’re less than a month away form April 1st. A day where NOTHING is true on the internet. Google and Amazon. Sony and Samsung. Blogs, big-prints, small and large companies alike all get in the game to see who can create the most ridiculous news or the craziest or almost-possible products and features to get people talking. The internet gag is so anticipated it may as well be a net holiday and only the most gullible noobs get caught thinking these new releases will ever see the light of day.

But personally I’m kinda tired of that. What if someone legitimately announced a real amazing product? What I want to see is someone make something that everyone will say, “That’s cool but ha-ha that’ll never happen!” and then actually release it. And not just a Flux-Capacitor car USB charger(which I did buy, thanks ThinkGeek). I want something big.


I’m looking at you, Nissan. Could you imagine the press release?

“After much consideration, with all the positive feedback we have received from the IDx concept, we are moving forward with production and will release the IDx as a 2018 model...”

It would be flawless. It would generate both anger and jubilation. Of course, we’d get pissed off at first. We’d talk about how Nissan is playing with our emotions. “Oh, screw you Nissan. You already dangled this carrot and took it away. Bastards. P.S. - You were supposed to help Mitsubishi not destroy it! Eclipse SUV? Really!?” But then the IDx shows up a couple weeks later at the NY Auto Show and people start wondering if this is legit. They have their first showing of the production IDx (that isn’t just a Sentra with an IDx badge on it* and actually looks like the concept) and people would lose their shit. It’d be the best April Fools joke ever.


Do it, Nissan.

*Or they could do it as a Sentra with an IDx badge on it and it would then be the CRUELEST April Fools joke ever.

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