We skied this weekend, though it was very much Spring Conditions, which is fun. Still, it was only in the low 40's at the mountain. When we got home, it was 58 degrees and mostly sunny, so the kids immediately wanted to go biking, which we did.

Then, this morning:


I wanted to switch out our snows for summer tires this weekend, but didn’t get around to it. I didn’t get anything done, actually, aside from washing my wife’s car very hastily, which now feels like a waste of time because she drove to work in this.

I had a bit of a scare as I did a little intentional throttle oversteer coming out of my very quiet dead end road onto another very quiet dead end road. The car really came around quickly and I found myself in full oppo with no snowbanks to keep me from going way down into the ditch if I didn’t catch it. Of course, I did catch it and straighten the car out, but yeah. That would have been... embarrassing.

Man, I’m ready for this:


I rode my bike past the spot in the pic above pretty recently. Hard to believe I could have the boat there in about 3 weeks.


All that said, I could never live somewhere without seasons. Nothing makes you appreciate 50 degrees like a day like today, hovering around freezing with all kinds of cold, wet, somewhat-frozen moisture aggressively attacking from above in bulk. I can hear it hitting my window right now!

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