Aprilia Ownership: Day Two (with video)

Did some more work on the RS last night. I’m pretty sure the idle issue is fuel, but just to check all the boxes I went in and confirmed that everything else on the engine is operating correctly. Compression is at 110psi, which seemed low to me, but according to the forums is exactly where this motor should be. I also confirmed that it had spark while cranking. The new carb should be in this weekend, so hopefully I can have it running next week.

Most of the stuff on this are adorably small. The chain for instance is a 420, same size as a stock Grom despite about double the power.


For comparison, here is the chain on my Street Triple.

The tires are also tiny. Here is the rear tire on the RS50 compared to the new tire for the Street Triple. Both are mounted to a 17" wheel.


Not having much to do until the Malossi carb comes in, I decided to put the stock carb back together and see if my cleaning had any effect. Also wanted to get the engine through a full heat cycle to burn some of the oil out of the top end (previous owner was running a really rich premix)


While I was running it, I found out that my kill switch doesn’t work... and that the ignition switch doesn’t cut spark... I discovered this when it decided to have a runaway condition on me and I couldn’t turn it off. Scared me a bit! I just happened to catch the whole thing on video.

I ended up having to pull the plug to shut it down, if the fairings had been on, not exactly sure how I would have turned it off.

So remember that wire I couldn’t figure out from yesterday? Well that’s the connection to the coil that cuts spark. Apparently it will not run with the kick stand down, so the previous owner bypassed the whole circuit. I jumpered out the kickstand interlock and attached coil to the kill circuit, Now both the kill switch and the ignition switch correctly cut spark as expected when toggled.


She’ll probably get moved to the back of the garage for the rest of the week until parts come in. I’ve run out of things to play with until I can get it idling.

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