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Arab worlds first car and Worlds most expensive SuperCar was unveiled in Kuwait

W Motors' Lykan Hypersport was unveiled at the Kuwait Historic, Vintage and Classic car museum.

I met the founder of the company W Motors, Ralph Debbas. Ralph is a Lebanese, thus calling the car first Arab supercar. BUT it is built in Torino, Italy. He told me that in the next few years they will open their factory in the UAE.


The car boasts a modified Ruf engine which produces 750 Bhp and a 999 N.m torque. It is priced at 3.6 million US dollars and only seven will be produced. The car will feature a Diamond encrusted LED Headlights and it will be the first car with a holographic screen in the center console.

Edit: It was not unveiled for the first time ever, it was unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show earlier this year.


PS: I will upload photos from the Kuwait Historic, Vintage and Classic car museum later.

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Edit, Related to the post but unrelated to the car: I would like to thank Jalopnik for posting this on the front page. I would also like to thank all the commentors here, real or trolls. People love to troll, this car has got nothing to do with 'RICH ARAB MEN', 'Camel-fucking Idiots' or 'Women not allowed to drive' (The last one is so bad that the commentor doesn't even realize that this was in Kuwait and women drive freely here and there's just one country that doesn't allow them to) ... Like seriously? I realize its the internet and I feel sorry for some of those commentors who have asked some stupid stuff that's not related to the car. I posted this to discuss about the car, let's stick to that, shall we? Thanks.

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