The original amount of chicken was double, but I was hungry before I grabbed my phone

As a recent citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and member of Team Duck, I figured that I needed my very own chicken recipe. So I made one up today and decided to share it with you, because I’m not a selfish prick eating chicken parmesan.

First thing is a list of ingredients, I suppose. Well, what you need is chicken, I used Tyson chicken tenders, you can use whatever chicken parts that you desire. For the dry ingredients: Sriracha seasoning, Magic Dust, Salt, and Red Pepper Flakes. You will also need olive oil. Mix in a large bowl a couple of tablespoons of the Sriracha seasoning, about three tablespoons of the Magic Dust, a generous sprinkling of red pepper flakes, and just a bit of salt. Pour in enough olive oil to make a sauce and whisk together. Add in your chicken and mix it all until the chicken bits are thoroughly coated.


Cover the bowl and place in the refrigerator. Let it marinate for 4-6 hours while you go back to work. Fire up the grill and use mesquite lump charcoal or gas if you’re a worthless panty. George Foreman grill’s are right out. Grill until done and put them on a plate or foil or whatever, who cares. Let sit for a couple of minutes and enjoy.

Hopefully you like spicy food and make sure that you have a thermometer so that you don’t undercook the chicken and get food poisoning like some asshole.