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Architecture Firm Things.

We often have “Lunch n Learns” where a rep from a company will come in and “educate” you about their project. In return you usually get an AIA Continuing Education Unit credit and free lunch. Today’s was comically bad.

Graphic: Things that are not bad? Kate Wagner’s fantastic Architect chart

Today’s rep sells polycarbonate panels. I’d met this guy at an AIA/CLC event once where he very drunkenly tried to talk to me about 4” from my face. Needless to say, I already wasn’t thrilled about the LnL once I realized it was him, but he still managed to fall below my already lowered expectations.


It became very clear very quickly that his company didn’t actually have an AIA CEU presentation, so he’d just found one online. The problem with that is that we would still have to go online and complete the test, which he’d thought of, so he went on and took the test and gave us a screenshotted answer key... so he really wasn’t doing what he’d claimed.

To add to that, it seemed like he’d only found the presentation about an hour before he showed up, but that didn’t stop him from enthusiastically reading every slide word for word.

One portion of the presentation was about aerogel insulated polycarbonate panels, and it became apparent that he’d never actually seen or sold those, but that didn’t stop him from acting like he knew about them while desperately reading the slide to try to answer questions.

Luckily he brought a ton of Mediterranean food and it was delicious so I guess it’s a net win.


If you’re an Architecture nerd check out that chart above, it’s fantastic and hilarious.

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