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In a shocking twist that has confused the masses (myself included), I actually managed to take the 1st place spot at last weekend’s SCCA Autocross in the Street Touring Ultra (STU) class*.

*No EVO’s or STI’s showed up. STU had turned into a Spec-BMW race, with my other competitors all piloting ///M3’s. One fellow in particular with a beautiful Imola Red E46 M3 put up a damn good fight. He had a better sorted out, coil-over suspension, and I had blown dampers. He had 275 Hankook’s to my 255 Hankooks. However, by the power of power, I was just able to hold my lead by a few tenths of a second and take the 1st place spot for the weekend. The boosted Bimmer prevailed. Now who do I see about my trophy?


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