Are any big lawfirms publicly traded? (Semi rant?)

(My own fat opinion) because im wanting to cash in on the violations of Hippocratic oaths, malpractice, and wreckless endangerments we will see reported in a few months.


During a hospital power outage in New Orleans, after Katrina hit, the staff went from trying to manage things to weirdness - someone was walking around in the dark with a syringe full of unknown and asking if anyone needed help to get out. That devolved inside of a week. And the president+physicians are fine with that today?

Before this, a doctor wouldnt even think about giving a drug not meant at all for something not even related to a problem. Now, they can’t wait to do it. Based on? Anecdotal evidence.


Many friends have told me that they sleep better when they get drunk. So I try it. I sleep like shit, woke up in four hours to pee, and my brain is switched on from ridiculous dreams caused by said alcohol and I can no longer sleep. Terrible idea.

Duuuude, I heard the alcohol kills germs so you should drink with us and that cold will go away. Lol, that gave me severe sinusitis.


Some high school kid told me to rev your engine high after you start it in winter so it warms up faster. Already knew that was crap. But the idea sounds good to someone clueless to how things actually work. Ie: Cheeto T.

How many class action commercials are on tv for fda revoked drugs that were found to have faulty test data in the trials? Now that you’re home more, see what daytime tv has for you.


Point is, I hope to God the president takes the drug like he eludes to. Has a heart problem and has to deal with that the rest of his life, knowing thousands died from equal complications, and he pushed it....oh but he didn’t prescribe it. Not his fault. Another person to take his fall.

The proponents if this bullshit idea are clueless to facts that this one size fits all solution may kill. That the anecdotal evidence is from those already infected and probably on the mend already. They have zero confirmation that any anecdotal is accurate. And the president refutes that 3 minutes after Fauchi even said so. “It’s a strong drug. It’s cured many people...”


No. A percentage of people will die from this drug. Even if they sign a thirty page waiver, it will be in the face of duress and temptation of a dangled life saving crrot and could get thrown out in court, easy. 

The drug company won’t be at fault, but the doctors and insurance companies that allow this, expose themselves to the malpractice, will get hammered.


Can I invest in this? Can I short the insurance companies who went in whole hog on it? Maybe buy stock in the drug company.

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