Are cars getting too complicated?

Well, you always hear it. You probably say it. But who is actually willing to do something about it?

New cars have everything from remote start, to touch screens, to massage chairs and more. I for one, would actually prefer not to get those options as I don’t see the practicality, personally. A lot of people are the same way. However, in order to get certain performance options, certain configurations and price brackets make you get some stuff you might not want in order to get others you do want.


Follow my theory. A small business could try to run, say, a line of used and restored trucks. For arguement, let’s go with squarebody chevy trucks. With procurement being really the only large barrier, a company could blast out a decent truck with renovated interior, new engine (not hipo), trans, and sell it for 30k. (Focus a lot on sound deadening too, to improve perceived value) The small business could then try to compete with new vehicles by offering competitive warranties, as most parts suppliers warrantee parts for a few years. Perhaps even the purchase of dealership warranties could be made. Same idea for cars, of course.

The issue is dealing with dealerships. The ‘restored’ trucks would ideally have to be sold alongside the new trucks in the dealership on a ‘bought when seen’ principle, or of course ordered. Again, just to remove reasons the nay-sayers may use to make excuses.

So here, I ask what you think. How many of the bellyachers would actually be willing to ‘pay for what they want’? I have a feeling that people that complain about this just do so to complain. What about you?

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