I’m considering replacing my base C6 Corvette with a 987 Cayman S sometime in the next year or so, but holy crap is it difficult to find an appropriate Cayman. Why are these things so rare???

Granted, I’m being picky, but there’s a lot of stuff to avoid with 987 Caymans. The base models are slower than most glaciers, so no thanks. The early models (everything before 2009) have the IMS bearing issue. Yeah, I know the shaft was upgraded for the 987, so it’s less prevalent of an issue than on the 986 Boxsters, but no thanks. That leaves me looking for a 2009-2012 Cayman S…and they’re rarer than hens teeth. There are currently just 2 manual transmission examples in the whole country...at any price (according to cars.com). Hell, there are more limited edition Cayman R’s for sale than humdrum Cayman S’s.