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Are Jalopnik Admins mass-deleting comments they don't agree with?

This morning’s article about the NYC car ramming is suddenly 80+ comments smaller, and coincidentally, they’re all the comments disagreeing with the article’s conclusion.

And based on which original comments had the most likes, the overwhelming majority of readers disagreed with the article’s conclusion.


Looks like the admins are just deleting entire comment threads. Refusing to have a meaningful conversation is how a movement loses sympathy and support. Don’t disrespect BLM by doing that.

Anyway, here’s a dope 1934 Ford Bus for your time!

Illustration for article titled Are Jalopnik Admins mass-deleting comments they dont agree with?
Photo: My Photo

Also, this new photo credit “feature” is a real buzzkill. This is my photo. I took it myself. Stop harassing me when I’m trying to post my own photo.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not trying call the admins names, or vilify anyone, or even pick sides. I’m genuinely asking if comments are being deleted. Maybe it’s not even up to the Jalopnik admins and someone else in the Gawkerverse is pulling the strings??? Maybe readers from the Root used the “flag for hate speech” feature too many times and Kinja just automatically deletes comments after a certain threshold is reached??? Idk. Just trying to understand what happened to the earlier comment threads. I thought they were all constructive and didn’t observe anything abusive or hateful, so I’m just surprised to see them gone.

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