Asking for a friend. Buying rx parts and everyone is kinda rude or difficult. Maybe it’s me?

Saab people were just so nice, helpful... 7 people ... Why brah-ther.

someone asked my why...kidof like this....

lets say i want to buy something for my RX-7 here’s how that goes:

SELLER : listing : rx-7 light bulb - 100$

ME : contact seller with inquiry about price and shipping/retrieval, new bulb is only 95$, ask about any flexibility on price...

SELLER : Actually now it’s the last light bulb on earth and since someone finally wants it there is no way they are budging on their two month old advertised price. SOOOO RARE it’s almost JDM now....nevermind he wants to keep it to sleep with at night. NOT FOR SALE BRO. Additionally, only refers to me as brah/bro.

ME: Ok, i’ll just buy a new one, thanks for your time.

If i get them to sell me something, god forbid it be tracked or there be any follow up.


Rx-7's change you into an apocalyptic scavenger. You are food.

If I were buying this bulb for a Saab, they would have sent me two, included bulb grease, covered shipping and begged to talk to anyone with a pulse again.


They are lonely and their cats have gone outside, so every email is an excerpt from a travel log and they will basically call you to make sure the delicately packed bulb were unharmed.

with SAAB it is more like meeting people who have been released after being underground waiting for a nuclear fallout that never came. Other survivors! Would you like a can of tuna?