News flash: techs that have done a service hundreds of times with the proper equipment do it much faster than the labor guide says it can take. In other news, techs do things the rest of the population does and goes through a drive through while checking their work.

I know most of you may not understand why this kind of this is offensive if you don’t work in the automotive industry and have worked rather hard to amass a large knowledge base and also work hard to maintain a reputation of being fair and honest. The automotive industry is constantly shit on by the general public, mainly by our actual customers. Just the other day a customer cussed me out on the phone because I told her car needs a new catalytic converter and thermostat. She also accused me of lying and she wasn’t going to pay me for my diagnosis.

I’m rather sick of these stories of techs being “caught” going through drive-throughs with customers cars. It presented as if the customer’s car was molested and the customer suffered extreme emotional distress. The ONLY thing wrong with using a customers car to get your lunch is the fact that you’re going to potentially stink up their car. It’s for that reason why I don’t use customer’s cars to get fast food. Have I driven their car to a restaurant, or to the store before? Yeah. If I am trying to diagnose an intermittent issue, or I need to verify a repair you can bet your ass I’m going to be productive instead of driving around in circles.

I will admit leaving ice cream residue in the car is crap and I don’t get how that happened since most Mercedes dealers clean the cars. But I always make sure to leave cars as clean I got them.

But the most offensive bit about Jason’s “story” is insinuating the Mercedes dealer ripped off the customer by charging 1.6 hours and only spent eleven minutes. News flash: that happens all of the time. The manufacturer sets a labor time for how long a job should take, and if you do it faster, great! Most of the time this speedy work is accomplished via incredibly expensive, specialized equipment and tools. An example would be doing struts on a Camry. I can do them in less than half of the book time, but in the process, I use a multitude of tools that literally cost thousands of dollars. The two power tools alone I use for the job costs $1,000. One socket set I use on the car costs $500. I would use a pneumatic spring compressor that costs thousands of dollars.


I get tired of people bitching about the cost of repairs while forgetting how much techs and shops have to spend on tools, equipment, space, software, insurance, and utilities.

I’m sorry for the rant. I’m stuck in jury duty and came across that click bait shit.