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Are Subarus reliable?

The day I bought my WRX.

The reason I ask is because the general consensus is that they aren’t. Mine must be the exception then. I have had virtually no problems with either of them, maybe I’m just lucky.

My first Subaru is my 2006 WRX Limited. I bought it used in the fall of 2011 with 62,000 miles on it. Since then it has been my daily driver 90% of the time through six winters and 73,000 more miles. I have never once been stranded or had any major issues at all.


I have replaced the clutch at 75,000 miles, this generally falls in line with the majority of 5 speed WRX clutch life expectancy.

I have replaced both front struts at 110,000 miles. I attribute that to the terrible roads of the Iron Range and Duluth, MN.

I have replaced both front half shafts because of torn CV boots at 90,000 and 120,000 miles, right and left respectively. Again, just your typical wear and tear item.

I preemptively replaced my timing belt, tensioner and thermostat at 95,000 miles. I have replaced all the fluids twice as well.


The only issue that I could come up with is the one summer my car sat (I traveled all summer for work). I had some of pistons on my caliper rust to the caliper as it sat at the airport during that time. This was remedied by a seal kit and replacing a few of the caliper pistons.

My other Subaru is my wife’s 2016 Forsester 2.5i base model. We purchased it in October of 2015 and have put on 35,000 miles on it. It has had zero issues and our only complaint is the ridiculously bad usb/bluetooth interface with the radio.


So am I just supremely lucky, or are Subarus not as unreliable as days of early 2000's head gaskets and piston rings?

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