Specifically, I’d like to see LA and San Francisco. After watching Anthony Bourdain go through LA (specifically Koreatown) and San Francisco, they both seem like excellent places.

I’m struggling because my vacation is scheduled in early April but I have finalized no plans. It’s pretty much come down to going to France or California, my only issue with France is the sheer cost due to the Canadian peso being so weak against the Euro.


France also has the added benefit of looking at beautiful old things, but really I just want to eat and drink to my heart’s content, and I know that both places would really fit the bill.

I actually have two weeks off, but I figured maybe a week in LA and a week in SF might be a bit much. Maybe it’s too little?


Anyways, I’ve been to Paris twice but never anywhere else in France (which is what I wanted to do this trip) but I feel like I can have a lot of fun in LA/SF as well - I’ve barely travelled anywhere in the US (Vermont, Florida, D.C., New York City, Detroit) and nothing at all on the west coast. Plus, I like the idea of Cali having recently legalized recreational cannabis.

How do Oppos feel about LA/SF from a tourist standpoint? Is there enough to eat and drink (and do and see)?

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