With electric cars potentially coming out with an electric motor in each of their wheels, such as the Protean F-150 Concept, it would actually be possible to power the left-front and the right-rear. Or both lefts or both rights. Or one front and two rears.

Depending on what type of turn you face and what your driving style is, you could coax a car like this around a turn with more than just steering, but also intelligent use of each motor, either via a super smart computer a-la-GTR or if you are real good, with some type of controller. It would bring some form of manual car control back into your hands rather than rowing your own gears, you select your own wheels on maybe an 8-axis joystick, haha.

Hard-rights: power both left wheels?
Longer-Rights: power both lefts + right-rear?
Straight-line: All-4.


I imagine this is to some extent being achieved with differentials, but does this make it even more interesting? What are your thoughts?