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Are there any aftermarket wheels anywhere near this cool?

Mopar Envy wheels... used on redline, green envy, and other special package Chargers and challengers.

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I like these wheels, and the fitment I have in mind is VERY close to perfect... Offset is good with half an inch wider width than stock, diameter is the same as stock. Center bore is larger on the wheel than the vehicle's hub, so a spacer will work fine...

But the bolt pattern. Mopar is 5x115/5x4.53, and the car I would want to fit them on is a more standard 5x114.3/5x4.50 PCD.


There are all sorts of conflicting opinions as to whether the .35MM difference in PCD radius is anything to be concerned about, whether it puts un-due stress on wheel lugs with conical-seat lug nuts, or whether .35mm, or ~.01378 inches difference between the geometric wheel center, and the radial lug center.

It is blindingly stupid that there are two PCD standards so damn close together, yet potentially just enough off to un-duly stress the fasteners and introduce some safety risk.


I know some say "they'll fit fine..."

But I wonder if there are any true 5x114.3 drilled aftermarket wheels that look similar, and look this good. A great modernized, concave, non-lipped rim interpretation of an old-school "mag" style wheel.

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