I have a entrepreneurship class in high school this year and the first assignment is to interview two entrepreneurs. It is a quick, 8 question questionaire and I would really appreciate it if you could help me out by answering these questions. You also could be a retired entrepreneur; if you ever started a business you count.

  • What is the name of your business?
  • Where did you get the idea for your business?
  • Were you ever afaid you were going to fail?
  • What do (did) you like best about your business?
  • When did you start your business? How long did it take?
  • Why did you create a business rather than take a job?
  • What are some obstacles you had to overcome?
  • What form of ownership is (was) your business? (propietary, partnership, coorperation, subchapter 5, etc)

Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it!