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Are these the snow tires everyone raves about?

General altimax snow tires? I am considering these since they are $25 less per tire than the bridgstones I am currently using. Looking at 205/55-16 sizes. I wouldn’t put studs in them, I hate studs.

I currently have some 15,000 mile Bridgstone WS70's that are not quite up to my current winter traction requirements anymore, if my car was AWD it would be fine but their deep snow and ice traction is starting to go away and I need to get onto a highway from my office and up to 60 mph as quickly as possible.


Typical winter commute:

I wouldn’t hesitate to get the WS80's since I have them on my Subaru and they are really really good on the Subaru. I may still go with the Bridgstones since my experience with the WS70's has been so good.

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