Are we almost done?

2020 started off just fine, got rid of the Focus with the auto-tragic transmission (fuck yourself with a burning cactus wrapped in barbed wire Ford) and got the wife a 2019 Mazda MX5 RF with the proper number of pedals. Good start indeed. Did I mention I really hate Ford? And this is the one and only thing that has gone well this year.

February was quite a journey, because I got Corona virus and was sick as a dog for weeks. Self quarantined on February 22nd and been doing so ever since, every two weeks we buy groceries and that’s it. Stay put.


My customers in the Seattle area all started working from home en masse in March, avoiding the flu like the plague (pun intended). Teams, phone, text, email. Even if I want to go see ‘em, I can’t.

In February my ISP oversubscribed the local DSL switch making my internet extremely hit & miss. I live in the middle of nowhere, I have no other options when it comes to network connectivity. Can’t tether to my phone because I get one bar, and satellite service is painstakingly slow too. Teams and the like freeze every 30 seconds, so I have to join by phone which confuses everyone else on the call.


I work in sales, 60% of my remuneration is base pay, 40% is incentive. The incentive part is split 50% on gross sales, and 50% on bringing in new programs. I’ve always overachieved and had no concerns about 2020; then my company raised my targets by 40% in a pandemic. If you don’t achieve at least 85% of your targets you make nothing (also, they cap your upside @ 150%). So there ya go, my pay was cut 40%. I know, I’m not laid off or furloughed, but this isn’t great either. My boss took a new job within the company, and I now work for a kid out of college. He ain’t gonna do shit about it.

Last week I was walking down my driveway and neighbor’s border coley came charging out at me and bit me in the leg. Fucking little rat. Tetanus shot and penicillin for a week, clean my leg and re-dress it daily.


I’m so fucking done with 2020, the only silver lining is holding on to the hope the Orange Orangutan gets thrown out of the White House.

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