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Are You a Man? Do You Like Breaking Things? Do You Like Giant Machines?

Then why not treat yourself to a Kobelco SK3500D? This giant machine has a pincher on the end of a 65m boom. How long is 65 meters?

About that long. That building is 12 stories tall. It tears girders apart like chicken wings.


The machine is so large it has to be assembled on site by another crane. That's like Hermoine giving birth to Hagrid.

Your saying to yourself, "Where can I be allowed to operate one of these?" Well, I have your answer. It's simple: move to Japan, take up chain smoking and heavy drinking, and get a crane operators license. Act fast because they are assembling one right now in the town next to mine.


Who knows? You might even get adept enough to pour a beer for your boss with one.

Evangelion, Gundam and Pacific Rim can suck it. This thing is real!

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