There's actually a movement to ban the word "bossy". Rant within. Boss Mustang for irony.

People need to not be so damn thin skinned. Will English in America be reduced to a few hundred words deemed unoffensive? I was called all sorts of things as a kid. Including fat. Guess what, I was kinda chubby. And sure it hurt, but that's part of being a kid. You learn from it, choose friends wisely, and become a better person. Don't "ban" a word, teach kids how to deal with it cause if it isn't one word, it will be another and you can't ban them all. And why can't child A call child B bossy if he/she is indeed bossy? Teaching kids that they can't call it like they see it can't be good either. It will create a generation of kids afraid to speak their mind at the risk of offending somebody.