Took my car into the shop for repairs. My normal mechanic closed up shop for personal reasons so I took my car to Doyle Chevy, figuring a Chevy dealer will be able to button up my minor issues no problem.

I needed an inspection, secondary air injector replaced, tire pressure senor replaced, wiring for my rear license plate light, a new sway bar, and some work on my vents/blower. Dropped my car off on Wednesday and was told to pick it up today, which is great as I’m suppose to be going out of town. I wont be and let me tell you why.

They fixed the secondary air injector and drove over 100 miles in my car, but “couldn’t get the code to clear.” So guess who has a car with out a fucking inspection sticker, yup that’s me! they had 3 days to get this done and now I have a car that i can not drive when I’m suppose to be going out of town. there is no way in hell I’m driving memorial day weekend with out a fucking inspection sticker, that’s asking for a fix it sticker! or at-least a some harassment from the law.. nope not risking that.

Oh but the icing on the whole fucking shit cake, THEY DIDN’T EVEN DO THE VENT/BLOWER REPAIR they fucking quoted me for and I asked them to make sure they did repeatedly! fucking just straight up ignored a whole fucking repair. I’m fucking livid!

left a voice mail with the service manager, but i swear if they dont call me back ASAP this is going to be their dealership!!!


Update: Spoke with service manger. they apologized and will be doing the missed work labor free on Tuesday. which is like 3/4 the cost of the repair! woohoo!