Because it would be great to have some help! I'm new to this city and don't have a whole bunch of tools. I bought $300 worth of tools today but there's always shit you forget. ANYWAYS

I'm in North York Toronto and if you come by and help me work on my car, I'll pay you in beer and let you drive it. (Probably not good to do it in that order) I'll be alright with or without help but another set of hands really helps out. (no homo bro)

To be truly roadworthy the big boat needs: oil change, plugs, new trans filter and pan gasket, power steering pump and the brake light switch isn't working. It's all nuts and bolts stuff.

If enough people show up we could get a bbq going and make an oppo Toronto meetup hahaha I'm near the intersection of Dufferin and Lawrence if it means anything. Cheers!