Yeah, I give up. Just got the message I did not want to hear at all. Seems to me like the end of my story is turning out true. Why the hell does this happen to me? What the hell am I doing wrong?

So, we were talking about an upcoming test. She messaged me first joking about it. Then, she says out of the blue, "So I think Josh (her then ex) and I are back together." I just wanted to take my phone and throw it. I was about to. I punched my bed instead.

But then, she wants to keep talking to me about personal struggles and whats going on with her and Josh. I enjoy talking to her, but really?!?

Today has been fucking awful. im done. I'm just going to lay in bed all night. It has been awful. Nothing worked today, from almost getting in an accident this morning, to forgetting a big homework assignment at home. I then got yelled at by my teacher. The mowers went through the parking lot and covered my car is grass clippings. My hood and windshield got attacked by bird shit. Now this? God dammit!

I'm pissed. Im sorry for ranting.