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Are You Kidding Me Jeep

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This is the current state of my TJ. All that is wrong with her is a leaky heater core.


Steering Column Out

Dash Out

AC System Purged and Disconnected at the evaporator.

Cooling System Drained

Entire HVAC Box Out

And this is on a vehicle that is supposed to be easy to work on and a part that is a common failure on all vehicles. Modern, ok in this case semi modern cars are hard to work on. At least this gives me a chance to clean out all the dust that comes with being topless.


On a plus note, I scored a factory center console for her for about half what the normal market price is. I have been patiently waiting and looking for over a year. They typically go for well north of $250 and there was no way that I was going to pay that for a used interior part.

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