Are you one of the 3 members (other than me) of the Isuzu Axiom Official Fan Club?

Have you been lamenting the loss of Isuzu’s most SUV launched in 2001 and discontinued in 2004? Well it’s good news!


The Isuzu Axiom is still alive! Kinda. Not actually. Enter the Great Wall Hover, known in export markets as the Datsun Haval H3. It actually isn’t related to the Axiom at all, instead it’s mostly based on the Isuzu Magic Utility Wizard, known by a much more mundane name in North America, the Rodeo.

The exterior may look Axiom like, but the interior is 99.5% mid-late 2000s Toyota Tacoma. I mean, it’s not exactly a bad thing, but Toyota aren’t really known for inspiring interiors, especially not in the mid-late 2000s.


And it got a facelift a few years ago, although the old one is still available in a lot of the world. The Haval counterpart moves exactly two numbers upmarket, as it’s now known as the Haval H5. Because we all know the bigger the number, the better the car.


In addition to the new exterior, the H5 also gets a new steering wheel. That’s basically it really. Just a new steering wheel. It is a nice looking steering wheel.


Overall, the Haval is definitely a car. I’m not sure why I wrote this post. Do any of you actually care about Isuzu-based Chinese cars? Or Isuzu? What’s the point of it all?

That last picture isn’t even of a Great Wall, or any real car for that matter. It’s a Kigan AWD from Watch_Dogs. You probably didn’t even notice until I pointed it out.

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