Are you ready for some FUTBOL?!!

Welp, I’m apparently a kids’ soccer coach now. After a few seasons of filling in and helping out with the 7-9 year olds, a few of my peers pressured me into actually running a 10-year-old rec team, which is part of a fairly large local club. This is a bit more intensive (and expensive) than prior years, but hopefully being a “rec league” and not the competitive wing of the club, things will be a little more laid back. Only 1-2 fistfights per game, not 5+.

I should also inform you all that I have exactly zero personal experience in competitive soccer, but I’m in decent shape and can fake it pretty well. We have a handbook for drills/skills and scrimmages, but I’m always game for any resources you might be able to share. At this point the logistics of emailing parents and coordinating rosters is the main thing. The kids are mostly gonna play however they want :)


I’ve got to run two 60-minute practices during the week, plus a 50-minute game every weekend for the next 2 and a half months. I can fill some of that time with general conditioning work, but I’m more interested in ball control and teamwork exercises that won’t bore all the kids. They all have ADHD. Every single one of them. At least by adult standards...


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