I hate the town where I work, I absolutely hate it. It’s full of people on the verge of death, and complete fucking imbeciles.

The video contains foul language. Normally I take the audio out to save you guys from hearing me rant, and also Youtube usually flags the music, but considering the honking is integral I decided to leave the audio in. Hopefully, YouTube doesn’t get mad about it.

I would also like to point out that there’s another overpass just down the road from where this happened where I usually get off, and people do this too, but this one was special in that they waited until the last second, and I came way too close to hitting them. I actually considered for a second following this dumb fuck and yelling at them so that hopefully they’d learn a lesson and look next time.

I also hope someone gets the joke with the title.

And here it is with no sound in case Youtube bans the other one.