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Are You Worthy of The Best Job In Motoring?

Looking to work for undoubtedly one of the coolest car related companies in the Northeast and my employer? Check it.

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Classic Car Club Manhattan turned 10 this year. And with it comes that 10-year old growth spurt.

This isn’t the one that’s marked by awkward use of limbs and an infestation of zits. No, that comes later. This is that cuter one where onlookers say thinks like, “Gee! Classic Car Club has turned into quite a gentleman.” or, “Gosh, he’s even more handsome than his father, Classic Car Club London!” and sometimes, “Damn, I’d really like to shag him senseless.”

Our ten-year growth spurt comes in the form of TheNINETY - Classic Car Club’s own, in-house creative marketing firm. TheNINETY helps automotive, motorcycle, motorsport brands and all things moto-centric better present themselves to their existing and prospective customers through some rather clever marketing, PR, content creation and general burnout trickery.

With all that growth comes the need for some more talent.

Are you a kickass PR guy or gal? Iz you good at writin’ stuff? Have you ever created front-page hysteria or started a mega movement on social media? Know how to drive manual?

Well then we want to talk to you. But we don’t really want to talk to you. Not yet, anyway. It’s the digital age, man. If you want to throw your hat into the ring to be part of Team 90, then hit us up on Instagram or Twitter- @CCCManhattan - and show us why we should get to know each other. Suggestive photos welcomed.


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