Area man not very shocked his Italian car is still acting Italian
As we approach the 2 month mark of when my car decided to develop a nasty misfire, I am very near throwing in the towel. I threw some parts at the issue with no real progress, and I’m now far past my knowledge, skills, and tool set.

Sunny Daze
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After what almost certainly felt like a coil giving up the ghost, I replaced both (one per bank), along with the control module for each. I triple double checked they were wired correctly, and fiddled around with the cat temperature ECU’s (known weak point and can shut down a bank). I pulled the plugs on that side and they all were wet and smelled heavily of gas with one looking slightly dryer than the rest. It looks like they were ran really really rich, I think. The plugs were changed early 2018, so about 1500 miles ago. Also, there was this gray looking crud on the inside of the plug boots.


My current (probably bad theory) is the plugs are too fouled from gas after the coil went. Or, an injector or 3 is leaking, but they were checked in my major service last year. Here are the pics from pulling the plugs last night. They aren’t great pictures, but they are what I currently have lol. I’ll throw new plugs on tomorrow (cheap and easy) and check each plug is getting spark with one of those cheap spark plug checkers. After that, I’ll prob drop it at the shop and throw some money at the problem. I’m really trying to avoid that option, though.

Happy Humpday, Y’all!

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