Ares Electrical Crimper Mini Review.

I do install commercial audio for a living so I guess that makes me a somewhat competent reviewer. I have used the Klein crimpers for the past fifteen years and recently had to replace them for an unrelated matter (I left them in a ceiling somewhere and I can’t remember where). So when I shopped this time I thought maybe I could find a real hot shot set. We normally use butt caps like these.


As you can see they do a great job deforming the connector without breaking it. The crimpers also make a very uniform crimp across the connector. They are easy to crimp with one hand, and because of the ratcheting effect you can pre-load connectors. I did not have any of the red/blue/yellow automotive connectors handy to try them on, but I am confident they will do a terrific job. These were $20 on Amazon which so they are the same price as the Kleins or a little cheaper depending on where your at. If you need to move past the crappy set you got with box of connectors I would go for these. Here’s a picture of my ready to install wiring harness for my new head unit.


Oh yeah I saw an OG Quattro today, it was immaculate and red.

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