Argentinian briefing

Latest in my exploration of who’s buying what and where comes Argentina, land of pampas, Patagonia, Péron and the tango. Also a land without the Falklands.

So, what’s hot and what’s not in America’s Deep South? Do the Argentinians buy oddly named and archaic European models? Do they ask the question answered by Subaru? Do they drive around in huge (North) American pickups? Yes, no and no.

Here we go for the Top Ten so far this year:

VW Gol (no, I haven’t forgotten the F)

Chevrolet Classic (?)

Toyota Hilux (this has become a car?)

Fiat Palio


Ford Ecosport

Ford Focus

Renault Clio

Toyota Etios (no, me neither)

Fiat Siena

Research tells me that the Classic is a Corsa B, the Gol is a Brazilian model based on the PQ24 platform like the Polo, the Etios is designed specially for the developing world to standards not acceptable elsewhere and the two Fiats are hatch and three box versions of a car designed on the same basis as the Toyota.


Have a Siena followed by the newer Grand Siena

Have also a map of the Falklands. This, if you’re Argentinian, is as near as you’re going to get.


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