I finished the repair of my shop AC this morning and left it running on the dehumidify setting all day. Both indoor units pulled a lot of water out of the air, but one of them dumped most of its water down my wall.


The condensate lines for this system are flexible and I guess one of them had a little kink in it where it goes through the wall to the outside. I gave it a little tug from the outside and it straightened out and dumped everything still in the tray that hadn’t gone down the inside of the wall yet. It was nice and cold but not exactly refreshing.


Now that that’s fixed, I’ve got 100% working shop AC, so that’s pretty excellent. I’ll rotate Mrs. Shoe Pilot’s tires this weekend in cool comfort.

Next up, safety upgrades! Eye wash station, safety cans for rags, more fire extinguishers, and a couple under-hoist stands to make sure a car doesn’t tip backward.

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