I’m not sure if this is a lament, a real conundrum, or I just need affirmation from my fellow gearheads.

I have a 2016 ATS coming off lease this month.

I want a Buick Regal TourX, which is finally hitting dealer lots. Because daddy needs a car, not an SUV. Because it babies better than the ATS. Because being a mid 30s married dude who’s come to accept its time to adult and make grown up decisions, on paper its the same as the ATS with more utility.


I have quotes from 2 buick dealers that have (or will have) the spec I want within the next week or so...

... but my killer Cadillac sales guy called me yesterday and can put me into another ATS, equally optioned to what I have now, for almost half what Buick has quoted... (and 20% less than I’m paying on it now...)


I have 3 weeks to figure this out. Buick get your head out of the sand and match some incentives! Otherwise it’ll be one of those so irritating adult decisions...

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