ARGH - Oppo Guessing Game and Bodywork rant..., anybody remember last year when I took my car to a local garage to get the plastic license plate mounts/grommets replaced as they were spinning in place and I couldn’t get the one-way security screws out?

Well, I was replacing the failing cheap, Chinese LED license plate bulbs in my Accent with some quality Philips LED bulb replacements this afternoon....and noticed that the worst of the scratches that I had touched up with touchup paint paint (the others, I think were only in the clearcoat) is starting to rust through....GREAT.


I just want to get it fixed before the rust spreads so, I emailed a few local body shops and got a quote back from the first one. Care to guess how much the shop quoted to fix this tiny, 2.5cm/1 inch scratch (and potentially the others if they are also rusting)?

$700. SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS.....for a 2.5cm scratch.....WHAT THE HELL MAN? I mean, I am not a professional autobody wizard by any means, but come on....!!! Couldn’t they just sand down the spot with the scratch and repaint it and blend it in as best they could? I don’t care if it’s 100% perfect. Hell, I could buy a pristine used hatch the same color as mine and install it myself for less than $700... 0_o ...

I emailed back and said that seemed vastly overpriced and the guy explained that his reason was the clearcoat they spray over the fix would eventually start to peel if they only did it the “sand the spot down and only repaint that” method rather than repainting the entire panel. Any Oppo body experts agree with that, or was that just BS?

Still waiting to hear back from the other shops I contacted...

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