I’ve always thought Ari looked like a mini FD with her hardtop on. Funny I ended up behind a similar blue FD in the shop with a blown turbo. I think it’s midnight blue though, where as mine is starlight blue mica. A difference that can only be seen when she’s clean and in the right lighting.

Everything this side of the floor jack was what ran air conditioning at one point.

I’ve talked about it long enough. Now it is done and it is so much lighter. So much better balanced. Turn in is quicker, as is change of direction. And there are more benefits than just weight savings as you will see.

The a/c components are said to weigh about 40 lbs. Just looking at the components laid out on the shop floor above, you can imagine that is a conservative estimate. After feeling each part, I’ll go along with 40 lbs weight savings as my best guess. Maybe a little more. I’d imagine some people leave the second fan and splice the wires to have it come on with the radiator fan, but I was already getting a huge cooling upgrade and didn’t see it as necessary.

What cooling upgrade you ask?


This 37mm Koyo Radiator. This coupled with getting rid of the a/c condenser allows for better airflow to the radiator and engine bay, drastically increasing cooling efficiency. Definitely an upgrade to my plastic radiator that has been unable to do it’s job after my heater core hose burst on the highway on Christmas night a couple years ago. I did the trick where you gently chisel down the teeth on top of the radiator, but it only lasted so long as it was too far gone.

Anyways past is past. Here’s to the future, Oppo.

She really does look like Ari.


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